10 Steps for crafting Stress Free

10 Steps for Crafting Stress Free

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10 steps for crafting stress free ensures the maximum benefits in the creative process. People who create have known how good it feels to make something. Creating feeds our souls, makes us feel better. 

CNN stated on January 5, 2015 that creating is beneficial to us in a number of important ways. The article goes on to say crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain. It may release neurotransmitters which ease stress. Crafting may even protect our brain from aging. From personal experience I have to agree with this article! 

If you would like to learn more on this topic here are two articles which I enjoyed. The first is from Berkeley Wellness. The second is from CNN.

The Unexpected Benefits of Crafting

This is your brain on crafting 

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Craft stress free with these 10 steps
Create stress free

Crafting and creating should be an escape and relaxing. This should be on purpose and the goal. These 10 steps for creating stress free will help ensure the positive benefits we all desire.

Here are 10 steps for creating stress free.

1. Decide what to create and for what purpose. Explore online for ideas. Certainly, save your favorites. Think about who you are creating for? What are some unique details about the who, what and where. Write it down.

2. Visualize the how to, and the end design. See the outline and finished product in your mind. If there is an issue, work the kinks out here. Draw or make notes.

3. Make a list of the needed supplies. It is so stressful to start creating and realize something is missing. This also helps if you impulse buy like me! I can leave a craft store with items for 3 more projects along with a blown budget! 

4. Now get the supplies! This can be a memorable adventure! Go with someone you enjoy while you shop. Grab a treat along the way, ice cream or coffee are my favs! Play some fun music in the car during the trip. Another way to get supplies is to order online. Then when the order arrives, it is like a gift to yourself!

5.  Plan the time to create. Fit time in between the hustle of life. Give yourself this gift of time to create. Put it on the calendar, tell those around you so they know you will be busy. 

6. Lay the materials out with easy access in the order they will be used. Have the equipment needed, such as a glue gun, sewing machine or Cricut machine ready to use. Confirm tools and equipment are in working order. It’s really frustrating when you start a project and there is a breakdown! A broken needle or dull scissors can steal your joy!

7. Now it’s time to create!  Have the area well lighted, low light makes it hard to see. Bring in an extra lamp, take lamp shades off or use a portable light. Play your favorite music, movie, or FaceTime with a friend. Have a favorite beverage and snack nearby. Let the creating begin!

8. While you create, write additional ideas down! The act of creating feeds the imagination. Ideas can pour out and you don’t want to forget these.

9. Finally, clean as you go. Throw away scraps and waste as they collect. Save the reusable items for a future project. After you are finished working, it is a nice bonus to not have a big mess to clean up.

10. Stop if exhaustion or sleepiness creeps in, mistakes are likely to happen. Stop or take a break before there is a problem!

Above all enjoy the process!

Treasure your creation!


Create with 10 Steps for crafting stress free!

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