Custom Embroidered Baby Dress.

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Giving a gift to a new baby or a birthday gift to a little friend? Make it memorable by personalizing a purchased dress with embroidery! It is easy and something that will be make a lasting impression.

Skill level: Moderate but you got it!

Material list

For hand embroidery

For machine embroidery

*I used my machine on this dress.

  • Machine Hoop
  • Stabilizer
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Embroidery Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

1. Purchase an outfit to embroider on.

I find very sweet clothing items for gifts on clearance and buy these to have on hand to give as an embroidered gift. If the gender, season or size isn’t right for the gift I need within my stash, I will have to shop ~ oh darn! I keep an eye out for deals while I am in stores. Some places I like to shop online are baby clearance, deals and baby clearance.

2. Choose how you want to personalize the item.

I chose the baby’s name to embroider on this example but a favorite saying is sweet too. Decide where to put the personal message. I chose front and center on this dress. Other ideas include the brim of a hat, pocket area of sleeper or shirt, the hem of a dress or the cuff of pants.

3. Choose matching colored thread.

Choose either hand embroidery floss or machine embroidery thread, depending on how you will embroider your piece.

Hand embroidery on a purchased baby dress
Hand embroidery on a bought baby dress

4. Hand embroidery.

Hand work embroidery can be easier to do on certain garments, in addition it also can be more personal. If you choose to hand embroider a name or message, place the fabric in the hoop, centered where you want to stitch. Secure the hoop tightly around the fabric so the fabric is taut.

The message you want to embroider can be written on thin tear away stabilizer then adhere the stabilizer with the message to the top of the fabric with a light fabric adhesive.  Use the embroidery thread in the choosen color to stitch on top of the stabilizer. After the embroidery is completed just pull off the stabilizer and your stitches will remain.

You can also use a disappearing fabric marker to write the message on the fabric. Embroider on top of fabric marker message. The fabric marker will gradually disappear.

A straight running stitch is easy to read if you are stitching words but get creative! Small french knots are adorable as a name or pattern. 

Above all, do which is easiest for you so you enjoy the process!

Personal embroidered dress
purchased baby dress with machine embroidery

5. Machine embroidery.

If you are machine embroidering, program your machine with your name or message and place the item in the hoop. On wearable items, I use a thin soft stabilizer for the back and a melt away or wash away stabilizer on the top of the fabric. Place both of the stabilizers in the hoop. If your machine has the function to stitch around the pattern, I recommend this as it stabilizes the fabric and both layers of stabilizer. Often, before stitching on the project itself,  I will embroider the name on a scrap piece of fabric and then place it on top of the item to get an idea of how the placement, size and colors will look. 

6. Stitch away!

Hand stitch your pattern. Thread your machine and stitch. 

7. Finish.

Lastly, finish by clipping all the threads and extra stabilizer. Remove the top stabilizer if you used it with machine embroidery. Iron the garment for a nice finished look. Often I will use a light spray starch for a crisp store bought look!

This is a quick handmade gift with endless personalized ideas. Embroider a name, a favorite saying or apply an iron on decal.

Anyone can go to the store and buy a gift ~ but a special few will personalize it! It is really simple to do but the gift will have a big impact!


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