What will our Honey Bee

What will our Honey Bee? Gender Reveal Party

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What an exciting time, expecting a new baby! Celebrate every moment with What will our Honey Bee? gender reval party! Handmade Jules has designed a fun adorable party theme which can be modified for a baby shower as well. Table cards, name tags and food flags are printable then ready to be cut on a Cricut machine. The links to the other products used are available also. Follow these instructions for a simple fun What will our Honey Bee Gender Reveal Party!

How Honey Bee Came to Be

Our family is expecting a new baby this January! Our daughter with her boyfriend of a few years are expecting their first child and they are celebrating every moment of this miracle! Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 19, our daughter receives infusions of medication every 28 days to keep her disease under control. During Covid-19, she became concerned when she was late because she was taking birth control. After taking a pregnancy test and being positive, our daughter immediately stopped taking all her medications. This caused a few months of great concern and difficulty but the couple intend to enjoy every minute of their pregnancy! Since my daughter loves to garden and save the bees, the theme was simple to choose! What Will Our Honey Bee! Gender Reveal Party

How I found out the baby’s sex

Having had many tests to ensure the safety of this baby, the Doctor knew the baby’s sex. My daughter requested the information be put in an envelope at the office where I could show my ID and pick it up. The couple wanted to celebrate the news with loved ones and with some sort of excitement like an explosion. In planning any party it is important to provide the desired elements!

Now that you know the background of how this party came to be, here is the list of what is needed to throw the Gender Reveal Party: What Will Our Honey Bee!


Skill level: Easy and Fun

collage gender reveal party what will our honey bee
front table for what will our honey bee gender reveal party
Gender Reveal Party Favor what will our honey bee
Gender reveal party sign

Items Needed

    • choose invitation:     I chose  these invitation because the bees weren’t too real or too cartoon like. Bee Invitation    Also this Etsy retailer made it so easy to modify this Shower invitation to a Gender Reveal and they included other coordinating items.                        
    • pick a Thank You Card I chose the coordinating Bee card  Thank You Card
    • find a Prediction Card, again I went with the coordinating card. This is a fun idea to put in the baby book or to tie together and make it a book for the family to read and remember.
    • plan a game or something to do, I planned to have guests put their fingerprint on a love tree to hang in the baby’s room . Honey Bee Gender Reveal Tree  I also had guest pick a pink or blue necklace , purchased from Oriental Trading Company, to wear during the party. 


    Quick Jump Menu

    2 Months Before

    1 Month Before

    3 Weeks Before

    1-3 Days Before

    Steps To throw the Gender Reveal Party “What Will Our Honey Bee?”

    2 months before:

    1. Pick a date

    Choose the date of the party. Take into consideration the time of year and schedules. The baby coming in January and our parents wanting to know right away, we scheduled accordingly in July. This being summertime we chose a Sunday afternoon between 3-5p. This time allowed people to wind down after work on Friday or have a date night. Saturday could be filled with family time, sports or outside fun. Then friends and family could attend church, have lunch and come to our party. This time had guests leaving early enough for dinner and for Monday’s preparation. 

    2. Make a guest list.

    We listed those who were closest to the couple. Once this list was created, we examined who would likely attend and who was too far away to make the party. After the number was totaled, we examined the amount of guests. Making sure no one important was left out, even on the father’s side which I was not familiar with, was very important. This was the time to examine if the list had too many guests, in this case we would have deleted some numbers. Some parties are intended for certain guests and others are more of an open house. Consider who the party is for and what it is about when creating the guest list. Also begin to collect addresses needed at this time. Keep them all in one place for easy addressing.

    3. Plan the place.

    Choosing the venue early ensures the availability. If the party is at a home it is not so important. When planning our party, we considered some local places because of the number of guests along with the ease of having a party in a venue. Covid-19 added another aspect to the planning. It became obvious that having the party at our home would be the best place.

    Gender Reveal Welcome Table

    4. Pick a theme

    You are here so What Will Our Honey Bee? is a theme of interest. Choosing your theme this early allows for the invitations to be purchased and if needed, shipped. This is a fun part of party planning! Again consider why you are having the party and for whom. 

    5. Purchase invitations

    There are many invitation ideas available. We fell in love with our invitation and it was an instant download. This made it easy to modify and print. This design comes with coordinated Thank you and baby prediction cards along with other options we did not use. Our daughter didn’t want a bee that looked too real because that isn’t baby enough. She also didn’t want a cartoon bee. We loved the double sided cards which added that extra touch. I am all about adding the extra touch!

    Some invitations can be ordered, printed and then mailed to you, addressed ready to send. Others can be made on a Cricut machine, written in pen and cut out! Enjoy the process!

    What will Baby Bee Gender Reveal

    1 month before:

    6. Plan the menu

    Since our party was after lunch yet before dinner, our menu was small appetizers, fruit then a dessert. If the party is during a meal hour then plan to provide a meal for your guests. We had to consider Covid-19 as well. The food would be served to each person to avoid contamination and the spread of the virus. Serve food on toothpicks or in individual containers. Buffets are a great way to present and serve food but they are not recommended with Covid-19 present. If your party is at a venue that serves food, consider the ease of your guest eating the food. It is all about what you want your party to be! Incorporate bibs or warm wash cloths into the plan if you desire a messy food! 

    Added Fun

    I wrote all the words I could imagine to go with the What Will our Honey Bee theme. From that list I named the menu items with words that made cute Food Label cards. I even chose the fruit to go with the yellow and black colors. 

    7. Send Invitations

    Send out invitations and for an extra touch, check for stamps which go along with the theme. There may be a bee stamp for this theme, or for a bridal/ baby shower, there may be a heart stamp. Include the baby prediction card with a self addressed stamped envelope for those who are unable to attend.

    8.Write the shopping list

    Making your shopping list this early gives you time to watch for sales of the items on the list. Once the shopping list is made, break the list down into lists for each store. I had a list for the grocery store, Costco/Sam’s Club, Party City, Hobby Lobby and a food distribution store. 

    9.Begin to purchase decorations

    Watch the sales and coupons for area stores. Hobby Lobby has great sales on decor items and ribbon. Buying early gives you time to take advantage of sales and wait a week if needed for a better price! Also this gives time to have online items shipped. 

    Freedom Eagle Embroidery Stitching

    3 weeks before:

    10. Order the cookies or cake

    If you plan to have an ordered dessert, now is the time to order it. Provide pictures of your desired look if you have them. 

    11. Begin to purchase the nonperishable foods and drinks.

    I found deals on the ingredients for the cheesecake and honeycomb crunch so I bought them. Also the lemonade went on sale so I was able to grab that as well.

    Waht will our honey bee gender reveal dessert
    what will our baby bee lemonade nectar

    12. Keep all the supplies in one place

    I placed all the party items in one place. I kept each category in separate bags or boxes. I put the decor items in one box, ingredients in another. The tableware and silverware were in a bag. This way when it came time to make something I knew where all the items were quickly. 

    13. Rent extra tables or chairs

    This is the time to rent extra tables or chairs if needed. There are so many great items available to rent, including tablecloths, chair covers, plants, yard games and even slushie machines! 

    gender reveal party What will our honey bee garden flag

    14. Call those guests who haven’t responded to the RSVP yet.

    Times get busy and sometimes we forget. Be understanding if your guests have missed letting you know or are unable to attend.

    15. Begin to assemble the party favors and decorations.

    This is such a fun time. Put on good music or a favorite movie while you create. Invite friends over to help. Make a memory! 

    16. Make the name tags

    When a party has people attending who don’t naturally know each other then provide a name tag. The name is right there and avoids any awkward feelings guests might have. I don’t mind talking to strangers, but not everyone is like me. We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible and this small tag can make a big difference. Someone shy may not feel comfortable speaking to a stranger but can read the name tag to put a face to name.  It can be a conversation starter because people might recognize a name from stories. I like to coordinate the name tag to the party theme and have them written out, giving that little extra touch. This is also a great way to know if all those expected to attend are there before the big gender reveal! Or cake cutting, games or gift opening! 

    Visit Handmade Jules free library to download the printable Cricut ready Name Tags! I will send you the password in your email. I promise I won’t bug you with emails! Maybe just some free things now and then! 

    What will Our Honey Bee Name Tag
    What will our honey bee gender reveal party prediction cards
    Bee safe sign for gender reveal party what will our honey bee party

    1-3 days before:

    17. Finish buying the food and drinks

    I was able to buy my food all a few days ahead of the party because it would still be fresh and delicious. Time your purchase to the type of food you are providing. Don’t let fruit get too ripe or bread get stale. 

    18. Finish decorations and decorate where you can

    Finish whatever decorations are left to be completed. Put up decorations where you are able. Our party was outside so we were not able to put things up the day before as there was a rain threat. Complete what you can, before the day of the party.

    19. Charge the camera batteries

    Charge the batteries to the camera and video camera so they are ready to go. I wanted multiple cameras capturing our gender reveal, one up above and one capturing the faces of the couple. Arrange people to help with recording the memory now so they are prepared.

    The day of party:

    20. Pick up any decorations and dessert

    This is the time to pick up the cookies or cake, flowers and rented items.

    21. Prep the food

    Prepare the food that you are able. Prep the food that you can so it can be assembled easily the day of the party. 

    22. Set up tables

    If you are able, set up the tables with the decor. Since our party was outside I was not able to put tables up outdoors so I set them up in the garage. I put the tablecloths and runners on them along with the centerpieces. If needed, use tablecloth clips to keep the tablecloth from blowing off tables during the party or in a pinch tape the tablecloth to the underside of the table. We sprinkled the confetti where it went because it was protected inside the garage.

    The day of party:

    23. Buy Ice!

    Remember to buy ice! What a bummer if someone has to leave the party because the icemaker is empty or you run out. Drinks that are to be served cold are not the same when they are warm. Be prepared.

    24. Finish setting up

    Get the tables where they need to be. Turn on the desired music. Mark the location of the party with signage so guests know where to go. Put the drinks on ice and start the coffee brewing.

    25. Finish food preparations and presentation.

    Get the food out and ready before the guests arrive. Put food on platters or serving trays. Light the warmers if needed. Make sure there are serving utensils available. Get the drinks on ice in a cooler or have an ice bucket with ice with tongs to fill glasses. 

    26. Get beautiful

    Get dressed for the party. Getting everything ready might work you into a sweat so get dressed in party attire after the hard work. Finish your hair style and make up so it is beautiful as you greet your guests.

    27. Grab some pictures

    As everything is set up and in place, stand back and admire your work. Take pictures of each thing before anyone touches it. Try to capture the whole look of the party. These pictures can go in the baby book, wedding album, or a photo album.

    What will our honey bee gender reveal party food
    gender reveal party What will our honey bee garden flag
    Blue Poof Gender Reveal Party

    28. Greet the guests and have a great time!

    Enjoy! All the preparations have led to this time, so don’t worry about anything. Just enjoy being with friends and family. Make a cherished memory.

    Please share pictures of your parties! Post in the comments below or email me at Hello @handmadejules.us. 

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