Make Your Own Graden Glag

Make your Own Garden Flag

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Make your own garden flag! Celebrate the United States of America with a handmade patriotic, red white and blue Freedom Eagle on your handmade garden flag! What a great way to show our patriotic colors on Memorial Day or July 4th. In addition, this garden flag will be unique! The neighbors won’t have it unless you make it for them!

Honestly garden flags can look and seem complicated to make. With a little inspiration and simple instruction, a garden flag is possible for anyone to make. Here are the step by step instructions along with pictures of how to make your own Freedom Eagle Garden Flag. 

Skill level: intermediate

Freedom Eagle Flag Materials

Material list

    • Nylon Material

    Purchase White nylon material, enough for 2 -12 x 15 squares.

    Purchase Red and Blue nylon material, enough for 1-12 x 15 square of each color

    • Embroidery Sewing Machine 
    • Medium Weight Cut Away Stabilizer

    • Scissors 

             I used one pair to cut the nylon and a                   small pair to cut my jump stitches

    • Pins

    To make the Freedom Eagle Garden Flag follow these simple steps.

    1. Purchase the Freedom Eagle design

    Click here to purchase Freedom Eagle embroidery design.

    2. Download Freedom Eagle embroidery design to embroidery sewing machine

    Follow your machines instructions to download design pattern to embroidery sewing machine.

    The Freedom eagle Machine embroidery Pattern

    3. Hoop 1- 12×15 square Nylon material

    I used a 200×260 hoop with medium weight cut away stabilizer on the back.

    Machine Embroidery Hoop

    4. Stitch out the Freedom Eagle embroidery pattern

    Trim jump stitches. Trim the cut away stabilizer to the edge of the white square. This will ensure the design won’t show through the other side of flag.

    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 so you have a front and back of the flag.

    Freedom Eagle Embroidery Stitching

    6. Cut the red and blue nylon streamers.

    I have a patterns for the streamers in my free library for download and print. There is also a pattern to use and cut on a Cricut.

    Red Streamer for Freedom Eagle Flag Instructions
    Blue Streamers for Freedom Eagle Flag Instructions

    7. Sew the edges of the white flag.

    To keep the edges of the nylon from fraying, sew (or hem) the edges of the 12 x 15 squares. I used a 1/4 inch hem around the entire square.

    Sew a Quarter Inch Hem

    8. Attach the streamers to the flag. 

    Lay the streamers on top of the stitched white flag from top to bottom. Make sure the tsreamers are on top of the stitching and not the stabilizer. Pin the bottom of the streamers to the bottom of the white nylon. Stitch a baste stitch across the bottom of white nylon and streamers to hold the streamers in place. Leave the streamers laying on top of stitching.

    9. Sew the front and back of Freedom Eagle Flag together

    Lay the stitched white nylon squares together, right sides, or stitched sides together. The streamers should lay inside the right sides of the white stitched nylon. Make sure the ends or edges of the streamers are not near the edges of the white nylon. You do not want to sew them into the edge of the flag.

    Begin to sew 2 inches from top of one of the sides of the white nylon. Sew down one side, across the bottom, and up the othere side, stopping 2 inches from top. See diagram.

    At this point, turn the flag right side out. With the stitching on the outside, smooth out the flag. A nice finish to the flag is to top stitch all around the side and bottom edges. This is not required but does finish the flag nicely.

    Now sew straight across the top of flag, 2 inches down from top. Sew again straight across at the top of the flag. This just formed the pocket to hang the flag from.

    Freedom Eagle Flag Machine Embroidery Pattern

    Hang on your garden flag pole and enjoy! Now you know how to make the Freedom Eagle Garden flag, you can let your creativity go wild! Create a flag for every holiday!  

    Please share pictures of your flags! Post in the comments below or email me at Hello 

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