Make Your Own Patriotic Floral Wreath

Make your Own Patriotic Floral Wreath

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Celebrate the United States of America with a handmade patriotic, red white and blue floral wreath on the front door! What a great way to show our patriotic colors on Memorial Day or July 4th. In addition, this wreath goes great with the red and white garden flowers that my husband requested I plant this spring. 

Honestly wreaths can look and seem complicated to make. With a little inspiration and simple instruction, a beautiful wreath is possible for anyone to make. Here are the step by step instructions along with pictures of how to make your own Patriotic Floral Wreath. The color combinations are endless so let your creativity go!

Skill level: easy

Glow in the Dark Collar

Material list

  • Glue sticks

These mini glue sticks from Hobby Lobby are similar to what I use.

  • One wire cutter

I used one from my tool kit in the garage. This set of floral shears and wire cutter from Hobby Lobby would work well if you don’t have wire cutters in the house.

  • One glue gun.
  • Colored silk flowers in desired color palette

To make the Patiotic Floral Wreath follow these simple steps.

1. Protect the workspace

Put paper or thick plastic table cloth down on the table to protect from scratches and hot glue.

2. Gather materials together and make time to create

I put on some of my favorite music and poured some flavored water. 

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Measure the webbing

3. Lay base wreath on top of table

Lay the base green wreath down with the hook on the back at the top.

Reflective Pet Collar buckle

4. Cut the blue blooms off the stem about 2 inches down from bloom. 

I used the leaves on some of the flowers to add a variety of greens on wreath.

5. Attach blue flowers to the inner ring of wreath

Glue the end of the blue flower stem by squeezing the hot glue on the bottom inch of each stem. Be careful not to burn your fingers!

 Stick blue flowers into the green wreath starting at the bottom inside the center of the wreath.

Continue glueing and sticking blue flowers into the wreath all the way around, forming an inside circle of flowers. Place these blooms close together.

Add a few blue flowers on either side of the row of blooms to add width to the row as needed.

iron on the reflective paw print

6. Cut the red rose blooms of the garland about 2 inches from the flower.

I used some of the leaves on these blooms as well to add variety.

Red white and blue floral wreath

7. Attach the red roses to the middle ring of the wreath using the same gluing method as with the blue flowers.

I spread these blooms out throughout the greenery of the wreath. Keep the red flowers balanced around the wreath but space them apart. Put some blooms towards the outside edge of the wreath.

Red white and blue floral wreath

8. Cut the white roses off the stems leaving as much stem as possible.

These blooms are smaller with smaller stems. Again I used some of the leaves to give the variety of greenery.

Use the same glueing process mentioned above to attach these white flowers to the wreath. Since the stem will be shorter there may only be a half inch of glue on the stem. 

Place these white roses among the red roses balancing these blooms. I placed some single small white blooms in spaces that looked empty and again glued white roses close to the outside edge of the wreath. 

9. Finish the Patriotic Floral Wreath

Look at the wreath to find any empty spaces, or places which are unbalanced in color. Glue additional blooms into areas with too much green showing or where there is a missing red or white flower. Fill in with a small red or white flower towards the outside edge if it is needed.

Turn the leaves of the wreath and blooms so they face forward. Then glue these down if they continue to turn backward. 

Now pull off the little threads of dried hot glue off the wreath. Look closely and clean these threads off the wreath. This step finishes a project resulting in a final professional product.

Front door with Patriotic Floral Wreath

In addition, a ribbon or bow may be added to the wreath for decoration or to hang the wreath. I chose not to add anything to my wreath because I want the flowers to be the focus. The wreath had a hanger on the back so I did not need to add anything to hang it. If the wreath did not have a way to hang it, I would have added a ribbon that coordinated with the flowers. Place the knot behind the wreath so only the ribbon is showing.

Enjoy the beauty of the Patriotic Floral Wreath

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