Printable Hand Stitch Guide.

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Use this Printable Hand Stitch Guide for consistent, even stitches!

The basic idea is a hand stitch guide which rests on top of a hand stitching project giving you marks to follow and stitch evenly along your pattern.

Download the Printable Hand Stitch Guide file from Handmade Jules onto your computer. Remember where you save this file. I save my projects in a folder for each type of project.

Skill level: easy

Detailed instructions on how to upload the Printable Hand Stitch Guide file into Cricut Design Space.

  • Click on Upload on the left side of screen – then click Browse – go to the folder you saved the Printable Hand Stitch file in – next click open.
  • Next you will be asked to Select Image Type – I always select Complex – then click Continue – next click Save  as a print then cut, this is written under the design at the left side –
  • You will now be on the uploaded images page – choose your image – then click on insert image

Now you will be on your canvas page. Make any changes you desire.

This is very important

● Go to the Width and Height at the top of your canvas page.

● Change the Height to 2.3 then the Width will change to 7.955

● You can click on the lock icon between the W and H to unlock both, then change both to the measurements listed above, after the change click again on the lock icon to lock it back down.

Click “make it”.


This is a print and cut, so the Cricut will prompt you to print. Choose the desired printer to send the “Printable Hand Stitch Guide” to. It also has a button to add bleed. This extends the ink slightly around the border of the image to prevent a white border. With the bleed on the black trim is thicker on the finished piece. I like it both ways. Print on the card stock or paper of your choice. Remember the printer will print the colors of the Printable Hand Stitch Guide. Next press Print.


Put the printed Hand Stitch Guide onto the cutting mat, making sure to line up with the guidelines on your cutting mat. Load into the Cricut by pressing the arrow to feed into Cricut, then press “C” to cut. To peel the card stock off the cutting mat, gently bend the mat away from the cardstock. Then pull the card stock off and use the same method to pop your Printable Hand Stitch Guide off the cutting mat. Also you can use your Cricut tools to lift the cards off. Now you are ready to use your Printable Hand Stitch Guide!

Print in color on cardstock for a sturdy guide or printer paper for a pliable guide. There are two designs of the Printable Hand Stitch Guide. First there is one guide with stitch marks placed on the guide and next there are two guides where you can use a pen to mark your own stitch lengths. Directions to mark the guide are below.

Without a cutting machine.

  • Cut around the pink circle of your printed Hand Stitch Guide .
  • Use a pen and ruler to mark your own stitch lengths or use the preprinted guide.
  • To mark your own guide marks, place a ruler along the dotted line within the pink guide.

Marking the hand stitch guide

  • With a pen or marker, mark a dash along the line at desired custom stitch length.
  • Use an exacto knife or scissors to cut the dotted lines around the yellow inner circle, be sure to leave the straight line in place- do not cut. Your finger rests upon the yellow piece to hold the guide.
  • Fold the pink circle along the dotted edge inside the pink circle, careful to keep the edge straight.
  • This can fold over the edge of your fabric to help hold the Printable Hand Stitch Guide in place while you stitch, if you are working on the edge of the fabric. For example, working on an edging of a blanket stitch or when hand sewing a seam closed. If you are working on a flat area or in the middle of the piece, just fold this piece completely under or cut right off.

Optional dotted line use

It is an option to cut the on dotted straight line within the pink circle, being careful to not cut all the way through to the edge of the circle if you want this edge to bend along an edge. This cut edge will allow the stitch guide to be closer, flat on top of fabric while you stitch. The remaining edge left uncut will help hold the guide in place, along the edge. Either way works well, it is a personal preference.

Using the Printable Hand Stitch Guide


Stitching with the Hand Stitch Guide

Place your thumb on top of the yellow circle with the straight marked edge along the place you want to stitch. Begin to stitch. as you progress your stitches, just slide the hand stitch guide along with your thumb.

Printable Hand stitch guide~ the way to enjoy consistent even stitches.

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