Super Cute Fabric Bookmark.

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This super cute and easy to make fabric bookmark is a perfect sewing project to teach a young crafter. She used real fabric scissors, a sewing machine and an iron all while she experienced the joy of giving. The bonding between the two of us along with the person she gave her gift to, was so special. She still talks about this today.

1. Choose the fabrics.  

For the fabric bookmark my granddaughter used two different coordinating fabrics but it can be used with one. 


2. Iron the fabric.

It is important to have the fabric smooth and wrinkle free when the shape is cut. Put the iron just hot enough to press the fabric smooth. Place your hand over the top of the child’s hand while ironing. Talk about how the hot iron will burn the skin and show how to hold the fabric safely. Show the safe way to rest the iron on the ironing board to not start a fire. Again use your best judgement if this is safe for your student.


3. Pick the shape.

If this is a lesson for a young child keep it simple. A rectangle works well but any shape will work. 


4. Cut the fabrics into the shape.

If you are teaching a youngster, use your judgement on whether they are able to use fabric scissors. If you don’t want the child to use the fabric scissors, have them make a template for you to use to cut the fabric. Draw the shape on paper and have the child cut with child safety scissors. Use their paper piece as a template when you cut the fabric. They will feel a part of the cutting process when you use their template piece. When I taught my grandbaby, I put my hands over hers on the scissors while she cut to ensure her safety. I showed her where to put her other hand safely to guide the fabric. We talked about how the scissors would cut her skin and how easily it happens ~even to grown ups. 


5. Place the fabrics right side together and pin.  

With the right sides facing each other, have the child line the edges of the fabric together. Explain how the end of the pin is sharp and will poke. Show how to pin the fabric together and let the child pin every inch or so. My grandbaby laid the fabric flat on the table and put the pin in then picked up the fabric to push the end of pin through. 


6. Stitch along the edges.

Have the child sit at the sewing machine while you lean over the top of them. Have their hands on the fabric as if to sew, then place your hands on top of theirs. Turn your speed all the way down to the slowest. The adult controls the foot pedal and the speed until the child can comfortably do it.  Leave a small area open to turn the bookmark right side out. 


7. Turn the bookmark right side out.

Using a pencil or chop stick turn the bookmark right side out. Push the corners out then hand flatten the fabric. Pull the fabric taunt so the fabric opening folds into the bookmark. Press with the iron. Pin in place. Again use your judgement if your student is able to do this safely. The pinning can be done prior to ironing if you are using glass headed pins. If you are using plastic headed pins, which are more common, they will melt under the iron.


8. Top stitch.

With the sewing machine top stitch on the right side close to outside edge. This will close the open area and finish the bookmark.  


 9. Trim threads.

Trim all the loose threads from bookmark.


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